Wood pelleting

For the economically justified production organization of fuel and wood pellets the determining value has a coordinated technological equipment selection for material grinding, processing and transportation milling, processing and transportation. Rudnick & Enners Company develops the project documentation for pelleting production and independently produces and supplies both separate units and entire pelleting plants by the specific client request.


  • Окорка
    Wood of various breeds and grades
  • Измельчение
    Round timber, obapoles, slats or other wood waste
  • Просеивание
    To ensure the necessary grain size
  • Влажное измельчение
    To obtain a material structure suitable for drying
  • Сушка
    To obtain the desired final humidity
  • Сухое измельчение
    To obtain a chip structure suitable for granulation
  • Пресс-гранулятор

    Pellet press

    To ensure high quality pellets
  • Транспортировка и хранение гранул
    Conception of gentle movement and storage of pellets
  • Погрузка
    On trucks, railway transport or in "big bags"
  • Фасовка гранул

    Packaging of pellets

    In bags of different shape and volume